About Us

Mission Statement

Scariff National School is a Catholic Primary School under the patronage of Dr. Kieran O’Reilly, Bishop of Killaloe. This school aims to provide a high quality spiritual, social and physical education for all its pupils in a Catholic ethos.

School Climate

Scariff National School is committed to the preparation of pupils for life in a multi-cultural society and promote the value of respect for all.

We are committed to enabling each person to participate in all school related activities and the school has grant schemes so that those pupils who may not be able to financially afford to participate in certain parts of the school life can do so without prejudice.

Scariff National School supports a positive, safe, trusting, responsive, caring and inclusive environment. This is done by the Staff in a number of ways which include:

  1. Varied Curriculum based on new Curriculum.
  2. Religious/Christian Beliefs.
  3. Healthy Eating Policy.
  4. Child Protection Policy; Anti-Bullying Policy; Health and Safety Policy; Special Educational Needs Policy; Enrolment Policy.
  5. SPHE Policy – Walk Tall & Stay Safe Programmes.
  6. Green Schools Programme.
  7. Extra Curricular Activities.
  8. Ongoing Teacher Training.
  9. Community/Volunteer involvement.

There is a strong sense of community within the school and a high level of co-operation among the staff and between staff, pupils and parents.  This positive ethos is based on the quality of these relationships.  The positive ethos permeates all the activities in the school and helps in forming a strong sense of social cohesion within the school.