Water and Nature Exhibition at Scariff Library Gallery, 12th Dec. – 6th Jan.

12th December 2022 – 6th January 2023

Water and Nature by Patricia Phumpiu

Scarriff Library Gallery

Water and nature give us awareness of our surroundings. The watercolour paintings depicting both, water and nature, are a mirror of what we enjoy in life, consciously or subliminally. Water, nature, and birds in natural environments and amidst the city, cheer us up through our days. 

Inspiration for the watercolour paintings is taken from the bits and pieces of my daily life, from the openness inspired by the lake near where I live, to the Irish Atlantic coast and other places I have travelled. As an architect and environmental researcher, I am infused with intrigue for both natural and urban spaces; it resides in my inmost core. As an artist, I recognise that water and nature are expressions of our inmost self, a mirror to our life.  

Come and enjoy colourfulness, liveliness and calmness or energy. Let the images wash over you and soothe your day.

Patricia Phumpiu